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November 2008



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Le Update

Long it has been since I have updated and events have now accumulated.

So number one is obviously that I turned 21. I am now le olde. I had a great Birthday, Mum and Dad got me my Phantom of the Opera Monkey music box and a swell silver Fob watch. Becky made me this really cool box and decorated it with all stuff that we do together, it's awesome. Kriz got me a Sweeney Razorblade Necklace and a v v v v v cool Black Knight with Detatchable limbs! Swelll, swell, swell.

Then there was my party. Which was just so awesome. I came as Mrs. Lovett and there were many, many characters. Some of which we had were: Lady Macbeth, Bellatrix LeStrange, Edward Scissorhands, Bubble, Cruella DeVil, Harvey Birdman, Mrs. Rochester...ahhh so very swell. Bec made all the cakes and they were so so so so scrumptious! I had such a fantastic time, surrounded by all my best buddies and family. Here's a few pics




There's loads more of everyone on Facebook.

Then exams, they all went okay. Got my results and I did surprisingly well in Arthurian Lit, the rest were okay. Hmmm. What else? Read Eclipse, biggest piece of shit I've ever read. Waste of time. Hmmmm, what else? Seen a few movies, Get Smart which was better than expected and Lars and the Real Girl which was fantastic.

Got a job aswell =D I work for Sportscraft now, which is a good job. It's easy work and great pay. So been there for a week and a bit now. My boss is really loverly and I get along well with the other staff cos we're all uni students.

Hmmm....I've done some stuff this hols. Newtown for movies and Thai, pub with Anne, Movies numerous times with Kriz and dinner last night with K, Bec and Jono and tomorrow we're going bowling, huzzah!

Got my hair cut today, happy but not. It's not sitting how I want it to. It will soon though.

There's prolly much more to write, but I can't recall. Oh yeah! YAY! DOCTOR WHO IS BACK ON!

On a side note, how cool is it to see Nathan Fillion re-hydrated in Dr. Horrible? Very, very, very, very good.