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November 2008



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The Dark Knight

Well people, if things continue the way they have been, I think we now know the Movie of the Year. The Dark Knight is FUCKING AWESOME! It was so so so so so so so so gooooooooood! The Joker eaaasily stole the movie. He was just so fantastic. The movie is #1 at IMDB, which is like amazing, seen as The Godfather has been number one there for many many years and hardly anything new makes the top 200. Yes, it fucking rocks. Must see it at the cinemas as many times as possible!!

What else? Disney on Ice was on Saturday! Man that was sooooooooooooooo good! I felt like a little kid. Peter Pan was the best, I bought a plush Peter Pan =p I'm a working girl now so I can justify it. Thanks to Bec for the M&M's and the straight donut, yum yum!

Did a bit of shopping. Bought some loverly shoes and got S2 of DLM for a bargain price. Bought new work pants, ones that look decent and I have a cold coming on so I bought some tablets. I haven't actually been paid yet, the payroll office are slow with putting my details through, so I should get 2 weeks worth on Wednesday. I hope it doesn't get stuffed. I couldn't be bothered.

Work is going really well. 'World Youth Day' was an arse pain, but its over now. There was nothing 'world', 'youth' or 'day' about it. But huzzah! The pope has now fcuked off!

My Narnia Encyclopedia has just come in =D yayers!

Hmmm, what else? Nothing much. I'm gonna have a busy week cos I'm working from Tuesday til Friday, so boo, but yay to the lots of money element. Wanted to catch up with Maddie but may not be able to now =( Prolly won't be able to do anything of a weekend from next week cos uni starts and I have to see how I'm going to juggle work.

The shame of downloading No Reservations...the shame.