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November 2008



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The Breakdown

So yay! Uni is back! Saw my lovely's today. Funny, I see the four people I heart the most in the one day. Yeah, so I was meeting Zoe, then I randomly saw Anne and she was meeting Marc so we all went off together. The only one missing was Maddie =( But I see her tomorrow.

I had Festival and Faith today, but we didn't do much cos Prof. Smith was locked out of her office due to the chemical spill, so she had no outlines or anything. So that went for 20 mins. Was meant to go for 2 hours...so me and Zoe went to get hot chocolate and carrot cake. Then it pissed down with rain so we made a run for the station. I'm so glad I have stuff with Zoe this sem =D hardly ever saw her last sem even though we did Brit Lit together. So her 21st is coming up, Masquerade theme =D Gotta get her a killer present, already got an idea. Her's is the day after Julies, so I'll prolly be working on the Saturday, so I won't stay at Juls for long.

Was meant to be meeting people on Wednesday, but honestly, I just so fed up so easily, so I cancelled. Just the fact that people are selective about what sms's they reply shit me to a million pieces. So I am going to get Phantom of the Opera tix and then come home. Yay! Phantom!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! I know I'll buy more merchandise...

Lets all express how much we love The Fratelli's shall we? I love em so much...well their first album anyhoo. I really want em to play Old Black and Blue Eyes....ahhh..heart that song. They have to play Chelsea Dagger. They're so my new fave band. I really like Regina Spektor now too.

Hmmmm. Ordered all my books. Not as much reading this sem, but I have research projects which I didn't have last sem...It's been like 8 months since I wrote a history essay....But can I just say how much I adore my lecturer. Julie Ann Smith is kick arse. She is the best lecturer ever and she really knows her stuff. Like for F&F it's strictly Western European religion, which is pretty much just Christianity and she says she's not talking about anything else cos its not her area and she doesn't want to feed us info that she's not comfortable with. I would have LOVED to do some Jewish religion in the Middle Ages, but oh well. I get to do Christian Mysticism =D

Hmmm, I wonder what Evelina is about...I just have to read Mansfield Park and I should prolly re-read Pride and Prejudice...and if I get into it I should read Sense and Sensibility again...

That is all for now.