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Nov. 27th, 2008

A poet once said, "Only a fool laughs when nothing's funny"

Wow, it has been an age since I've been on here. But now as I have nothing to do I can begin updating semi-regularly again.

I wish to begin by expressing my disappointment in James Bond fans. Where are the icon communities??? I neeed an icon of Dominic Greene! Whoever finds one gets a dollar!

Yessss, so life has been very tiring. I was on the go 7 days a week for four months which sucked the life out of me something shocking. I will say though, having money is sweet. I coulnd't go back to the way it was before, not being able to see my friends cos I needed the money to buy a rail ticket...not nice times. I love working I have to say. So since the last update I have moved on from Myer and now work at David Jones Elizabeth Street. My new boss, Inna, is great. The girls are great too, except for this new one, but blah. So I work there Friday to Monday.

I'm not going back to uni til July cos all my subjects are in semester two. This scares me a little, I think I may go brain dead working in retail for so long, meh. So uni this semester was pretty mixed - loved Festival and Faith, loved Jane Austen, started to hate Medieval Heroes and Heroines. What a ramshackle course, honestly.

Now onto the important stuff; Quantum of Solace fucking rocks. I think it may have my movie of the year. I mean, it just fucking rocks. Saw it thrice in 6 days, you worked out how much I love it.

Been to some gigs, Kate Miller Heidke was the most recent, she was pretty good live. Ummm, going to Franz Ferdinand. Me and Kriz went to Phantom which obviously rocked. Went to My Fair Lady the other night with Dad and that was a really good night. I saw Richard E. Grant in the flash, so surreal! Hopefully will get around to seeing Chicago.

I'm going to Adelaide for a week in January to spend some time with my family over there. I'm really looking forward to it, it's gonna be so much fun hanging out with Leah.

Hmmm, had some killer 21sts this year too. Zoe's was awesome, I was so drunk I couldn't get home. Maddies Casino Royale theme one was great aswell. Love me some themed parties.

Hmmm, so......nothing much on the radar. Except that Coldplay can go fuck themeselves. $110 is the cheapest ticket to their show. Bought Kings of Leon album and I love so I kinda want to see them now. But there's no-one coming out here anymore! This year was so shit for concerts!

I bought me and Becky the Quantum of Solace game for Christmas...so tempted to crack it out now!

Bloopity bloop bloop bloop, laters!

Aug. 26th, 2008

Now I want you to take a step back... and literally fuck your own face!

Ahhh I leave it way to long betwixt updates and when I finally do one I double up on info and leave tonnes out.

Well, in terms of movies I have seen Pineapple Express, Mamma Mia, Tropic Thunder and Clone Wars. All of which rocked, but Tropic Thunder stands out. That fortnight was a Bill Hader double which EVERYONE needs right? Love his dancing in that movie, way to go. ALMOST as good as his awesome dance in Superbad.

Work and uni has been pretty stressful. Working the three days I'm not at uni is pretty hard to do. I just have to get used to late weeknights at the library. I wouldn't have it any other way though, the money I am getting is way to good.

Hmmm, have a few 21sts coming up. Looking really forward to Zoe's Masquerade! I think I'm going to buy a new dress that will go with my mask and then wear that one to Maddie's aswell. I'm taking that Sunday off work because I expect to be severely hung over.

Saw my friend Claire's production of Importance of Being Ernest. Man it was freaking brilllllllllliant. I enjoyed it so much. Algernon was just as he should be...ah. That was a really good night actually. Twas myself, Zoe, Ben, Sandra, Anne, Marc and Anne 2. A swell time was had by all I'm sure.

Hmmm, trying to do my Jane Austen bibliography. Its easy and won't take long but ekh. I gave myself today off uni cos I only have the one subject and I am sooooooooo tired. It was nice to spend some time at home in daylight hours and being able to play with my bubba.

They always play this song at work and I looooves it!

(no subject)



Jul. 28th, 2008

Who esle fucking loves this song!??


The Breakdown

So yay! Uni is back! Saw my lovely's today. Funny, I see the four people I heart the most in the one day. Yeah, so I was meeting Zoe, then I randomly saw Anne and she was meeting Marc so we all went off together. The only one missing was Maddie =( But I see her tomorrow.

I had Festival and Faith today, but we didn't do much cos Prof. Smith was locked out of her office due to the chemical spill, so she had no outlines or anything. So that went for 20 mins. Was meant to go for 2 hours...so me and Zoe went to get hot chocolate and carrot cake. Then it pissed down with rain so we made a run for the station. I'm so glad I have stuff with Zoe this sem =D hardly ever saw her last sem even though we did Brit Lit together. So her 21st is coming up, Masquerade theme =D Gotta get her a killer present, already got an idea. Her's is the day after Julies, so I'll prolly be working on the Saturday, so I won't stay at Juls for long.

Was meant to be meeting people on Wednesday, but honestly, I just so fed up so easily, so I cancelled. Just the fact that people are selective about what sms's they reply shit me to a million pieces. So I am going to get Phantom of the Opera tix and then come home. Yay! Phantom!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! I know I'll buy more merchandise...

Lets all express how much we love The Fratelli's shall we? I love em so much...well their first album anyhoo. I really want em to play Old Black and Blue Eyes....ahhh..heart that song. They have to play Chelsea Dagger. They're so my new fave band. I really like Regina Spektor now too.

Hmmmm. Ordered all my books. Not as much reading this sem, but I have research projects which I didn't have last sem...It's been like 8 months since I wrote a history essay....But can I just say how much I adore my lecturer. Julie Ann Smith is kick arse. She is the best lecturer ever and she really knows her stuff. Like for F&F it's strictly Western European religion, which is pretty much just Christianity and she says she's not talking about anything else cos its not her area and she doesn't want to feed us info that she's not comfortable with. I would have LOVED to do some Jewish religion in the Middle Ages, but oh well. I get to do Christian Mysticism =D

Hmmm, I wonder what Evelina is about...I just have to read Mansfield Park and I should prolly re-read Pride and Prejudice...and if I get into it I should read Sense and Sensibility again...

That is all for now.

Jul. 25th, 2008

Barty Crouch Jr

Le Beotchings

I just have to bitch about my day, well, morning really.

So I was told last week that I was rostered on for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. But what happpened when I turned up to work on Friday? "Oh Melissa! What are you doing here? You're rostered on for Saturday."

So basically, I can't swap the days so I get sent home. I mean, they were really apologetic about it all and very nice, but c'monn!!!!!! I got up at 7!!!!! I got home at 10:30 last night from work!!!! I got to sleep at 2:30!!!! So I came home and slept. Not before buying a loverly new red work bag to make myself feel better. I also wore Dorian's today, which is a special event! I call them Dorians cos they remind me of Dandys.

So I have to go in tomorrow..booo..booo! Tudors night is now utterly fucked.

I was also pretty much forced to buy clothes with my pay, which annoys. If you want us to wear you're ridiculously priced clothing, give us our clothing allowance NOW! So I got a cardigan and striped top, for $100. 50% discount. The Cardi is worth $129.95 alone. Its like the most expensive clothing I own. That was the price of my Mrs. Lovett dres..my formal dress is cheaper. So if you ever see me in a Navy/ Beige striped cardigan, comment on its loveliness and how it looks like it cost a fortune and make me feel better?

Jul. 24th, 2008

A Dance 'Round The Memory Tree

Words we had said
Grew in my head
Colored I thought
Send me to bed

Lost memories
Grew into trees
Cover the doors
Swallow the cure

Winters have come and gone you know
Winters have come and gone you know
But I’ll miss you young and free
For a dance round the memory tree

Said I forgot
But I did not
Dreams we have had
Play in my head

Did we believe,
The cry of the wind?
Did we regret?
Would we forget?

Winters have come and gone you know
Winters have come and gone you know
But I’ll miss you young and sweet
For a dance round the memory tree

Jul. 21st, 2008


The Dark Knight

Well people, if things continue the way they have been, I think we now know the Movie of the Year. The Dark Knight is FUCKING AWESOME! It was so so so so so so so so gooooooooood! The Joker eaaasily stole the movie. He was just so fantastic. The movie is #1 at IMDB, which is like amazing, seen as The Godfather has been number one there for many many years and hardly anything new makes the top 200. Yes, it fucking rocks. Must see it at the cinemas as many times as possible!!

What else? Disney on Ice was on Saturday! Man that was sooooooooooooooo good! I felt like a little kid. Peter Pan was the best, I bought a plush Peter Pan =p I'm a working girl now so I can justify it. Thanks to Bec for the M&M's and the straight donut, yum yum!

Did a bit of shopping. Bought some loverly shoes and got S2 of DLM for a bargain price. Bought new work pants, ones that look decent and I have a cold coming on so I bought some tablets. I haven't actually been paid yet, the payroll office are slow with putting my details through, so I should get 2 weeks worth on Wednesday. I hope it doesn't get stuffed. I couldn't be bothered.

Work is going really well. 'World Youth Day' was an arse pain, but its over now. There was nothing 'world', 'youth' or 'day' about it. But huzzah! The pope has now fcuked off!

My Narnia Encyclopedia has just come in =D yayers!

Hmmm, what else? Nothing much. I'm gonna have a busy week cos I'm working from Tuesday til Friday, so boo, but yay to the lots of money element. Wanted to catch up with Maddie but may not be able to now =( Prolly won't be able to do anything of a weekend from next week cos uni starts and I have to see how I'm going to juggle work.

The shame of downloading No Reservations...the shame.

Jul. 16th, 2008

(no subject)

A Note: My layout will remain utterly fucked up until I find a decent Narnia one.

Le Update

Long it has been since I have updated and events have now accumulated.

So number one is obviously that I turned 21. I am now le olde. I had a great Birthday, Mum and Dad got me my Phantom of the Opera Monkey music box and a swell silver Fob watch. Becky made me this really cool box and decorated it with all stuff that we do together, it's awesome. Kriz got me a Sweeney Razorblade Necklace and a v v v v v cool Black Knight with Detatchable limbs! Swelll, swell, swell.

Then there was my party. Which was just so awesome. I came as Mrs. Lovett and there were many, many characters. Some of which we had were: Lady Macbeth, Bellatrix LeStrange, Edward Scissorhands, Bubble, Cruella DeVil, Harvey Birdman, Mrs. Rochester...ahhh so very swell. Bec made all the cakes and they were so so so so scrumptious! I had such a fantastic time, surrounded by all my best buddies and family. Here's a few pics




There's loads more of everyone on Facebook.

Then exams, they all went okay. Got my results and I did surprisingly well in Arthurian Lit, the rest were okay. Hmmm. What else? Read Eclipse, biggest piece of shit I've ever read. Waste of time. Hmmmm, what else? Seen a few movies, Get Smart which was better than expected and Lars and the Real Girl which was fantastic.

Got a job aswell =D I work for Sportscraft now, which is a good job. It's easy work and great pay. So been there for a week and a bit now. My boss is really loverly and I get along well with the other staff cos we're all uni students.

Hmmm....I've done some stuff this hols. Newtown for movies and Thai, pub with Anne, Movies numerous times with Kriz and dinner last night with K, Bec and Jono and tomorrow we're going bowling, huzzah!

Got my hair cut today, happy but not. It's not sitting how I want it to. It will soon though.

There's prolly much more to write, but I can't recall. Oh yeah! YAY! DOCTOR WHO IS BACK ON!

On a side note, how cool is it to see Nathan Fillion re-hydrated in Dr. Horrible? Very, very, very, very good.

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