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November 2008



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November 27th, 2008

A poet once said, "Only a fool laughs when nothing's funny"

Wow, it has been an age since I've been on here. But now as I have nothing to do I can begin updating semi-regularly again.

I wish to begin by expressing my disappointment in James Bond fans. Where are the icon communities??? I neeed an icon of Dominic Greene! Whoever finds one gets a dollar!

Yessss, so life has been very tiring. I was on the go 7 days a week for four months which sucked the life out of me something shocking. I will say though, having money is sweet. I coulnd't go back to the way it was before, not being able to see my friends cos I needed the money to buy a rail ticket...not nice times. I love working I have to say. So since the last update I have moved on from Myer and now work at David Jones Elizabeth Street. My new boss, Inna, is great. The girls are great too, except for this new one, but blah. So I work there Friday to Monday.

I'm not going back to uni til July cos all my subjects are in semester two. This scares me a little, I think I may go brain dead working in retail for so long, meh. So uni this semester was pretty mixed - loved Festival and Faith, loved Jane Austen, started to hate Medieval Heroes and Heroines. What a ramshackle course, honestly.

Now onto the important stuff; Quantum of Solace fucking rocks. I think it may have my movie of the year. I mean, it just fucking rocks. Saw it thrice in 6 days, you worked out how much I love it.

Been to some gigs, Kate Miller Heidke was the most recent, she was pretty good live. Ummm, going to Franz Ferdinand. Me and Kriz went to Phantom which obviously rocked. Went to My Fair Lady the other night with Dad and that was a really good night. I saw Richard E. Grant in the flash, so surreal! Hopefully will get around to seeing Chicago.

I'm going to Adelaide for a week in January to spend some time with my family over there. I'm really looking forward to it, it's gonna be so much fun hanging out with Leah.

Hmmm, had some killer 21sts this year too. Zoe's was awesome, I was so drunk I couldn't get home. Maddies Casino Royale theme one was great aswell. Love me some themed parties.

Hmmm, so......nothing much on the radar. Except that Coldplay can go fuck themeselves. $110 is the cheapest ticket to their show. Bought Kings of Leon album and I love so I kinda want to see them now. But there's no-one coming out here anymore! This year was so shit for concerts!

I bought me and Becky the Quantum of Solace game for Christmas...so tempted to crack it out now!

Bloopity bloop bloop bloop, laters!