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November 2008



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Now I want you to take a step back... and literally fuck your own face!

Ahhh I leave it way to long betwixt updates and when I finally do one I double up on info and leave tonnes out.

Well, in terms of movies I have seen Pineapple Express, Mamma Mia, Tropic Thunder and Clone Wars. All of which rocked, but Tropic Thunder stands out. That fortnight was a Bill Hader double which EVERYONE needs right? Love his dancing in that movie, way to go. ALMOST as good as his awesome dance in Superbad.

Work and uni has been pretty stressful. Working the three days I'm not at uni is pretty hard to do. I just have to get used to late weeknights at the library. I wouldn't have it any other way though, the money I am getting is way to good.

Hmmm, have a few 21sts coming up. Looking really forward to Zoe's Masquerade! I think I'm going to buy a new dress that will go with my mask and then wear that one to Maddie's aswell. I'm taking that Sunday off work because I expect to be severely hung over.

Saw my friend Claire's production of Importance of Being Ernest. Man it was freaking brilllllllllliant. I enjoyed it so much. Algernon was just as he should be...ah. That was a really good night actually. Twas myself, Zoe, Ben, Sandra, Anne, Marc and Anne 2. A swell time was had by all I'm sure.

Hmmm, trying to do my Jane Austen bibliography. Its easy and won't take long but ekh. I gave myself today off uni cos I only have the one subject and I am sooooooooo tired. It was nice to spend some time at home in daylight hours and being able to play with my bubba.

They always play this song at work and I looooves it!


I have seen Pineapple Express, Mamma Mia, Tropic Thunder and Clone Wars

Oh YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS and it rocked the casbah and restored my faith in Colin Firth. Annnnd I saw some of 40 year old virgin, i am so suprised at how effing hilarious it is!
Noooooooo. And yay.
You are le crack whore. And its T minus two weeks til Phantom =D
Nah, out of the two of us I think I'd be the crack dealer who did crack some of the time, and you'd be the hardcore crack whore. And you'd witness a murder, and we'd have to go on the run.
Touche Kriz, touche!