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I'm an almost 20 year old studying Arts at the University of Sydney and am going to major in History and English and the get my teaching masters. I would really love to teach in England, but I'm not sure that will ever happen. The History I've studied thus far ranges from Modern to Medieval to Renaissance to Classical. I would love to do some Ancient History, but the courses on offer aren't that great. Fav period in History is the Middle Ages.

I love spending time with My sister, probably because we're so alike. I love going to the cinema, I love to read, mainly the classics but some modern fiction creeps in there sometimes. Favourite book is Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera. Erik at some points sorts consumes my life. I looooove Phantom of the Opera, in all of its forms. I also love Arthurian Litertaurr. I would actually really like to be a historical consultant on movies, because I love researching historical fashions.

Favourite Author is possibly Charles Dickens or Patrick O'Brian. Big fan of the Aubrey/Maturin series.

I have four top films of all time: 300, Robin Hood Men In Tights, The Departed and The Nightmare Before Christmas (before it got hugely popular I might add)

I also love my BBC Costume Dramas. My favourite is North and South and fav Male Costume Drama Man is Mr. Thornton....awwwww. Richard Armitage in general is pretty sweet.

Love dodgy historical mini series. So things like Merlin, Mists of Avalon, Helen of Troy, Cleopatra are right up my ally!

I think I'm happiest either when I'm at a really great concert, or every holidays when we pitch up our tent in or backyard and watch movies and mini series all night.

Uber Poofs are Love

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i'm in slytherin!

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My Concert List


The Dissociatives

The Killers



Thirsty Merc


Bernard Fanning

Matchbook Romance

Green Day

Foo Fighters

Human Nature

The Living End

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Something For Kate


Tenacious D

Eskimo Joe

Josh Groban

Linkin Park

Rufus Wainwright <<<Best Concert Ever


Dropkick Murphy's

Kimya Dawson

The Fratellis

Kate Miller-Heidke

Franz Ferdinand

Yves Klein Blue

Other Experiences

Tristan and Yseult




Bill Bailey


Dylan Moran




The Golden Ass

First Love

Dead Caesar


Tim Minchin

The Phantom of the Opera

The Laramie Project

Edward Scissorhands

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

The Importance of Being Ernest

The Phantom of the Opera again

The Pianist
Steven K. Amos

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